Annabel Snyder - Visual Artist

Hi, I'm Annabel and welcome to my website. Please let me tell you something about myself. From a young age my desire to represent the world around me in the form of pictures was simply compelling. It was something 'I could do' and it was something 'I loved to do". With my natural love of wildlife and nature, it was always easy to find inspiration for my pictures. Later on, I explored my love of the pictural world studying at the University of Creative Arts (UCA), Surrey, England. The visual communicative art's arena seemed a natural fit. It was after UCA that I happened upon the wonderful qualities of Glass and I instinctively recognised a synergy between my visual representation of the world and a beautiful medium to work with.

When I start a project, I first explore my subject through a series of life studies and drawings, before going on to produce a final 'Glass' picture - a 'glass' representation of my original design. It can take sometime before I feel I am ready to take the next stage of adding glass. I have been intrigued by the colours and reflective qualities of glass for years and as a result, I have developed my own personal way of cutting, grinding and producing each tiny piece of glass needed within the picture. It is a joy to work with. I love watching a picture come together. I use a variety of different types of glass: these are my 'palette' of colors : Mirror Glass, Venetian and Stained Glass as well as occasionally, Riverbed shell and Mother-of-pearl. ('Fishing Friends" had well over 5,000 individually hand-cut pieces alone) My 'canvas' is a specially fabricated material designed to line showers and wet rooms which is manufactured in Germany. It's light in weight, rigid, impervious to water and is heat and frost proof. This means my pieces are very versatile - they can be hung traditionally on indoor walls or made water & weather proof and placed outside in any location. Optically speaking, my pieces hung in the right position, cast colourful shadows across a room, bouncing off walls and ceilings, throwing light beams in all directions. This in turn can create another dimension to the interior design of a room or space - truely magical and individual experience.

I enjoy all aspects of any project of any size - whether it's designing, collaborating and coming up with ideas for a bespoke commission, working out the optimum line to cut through a particular tricky piece of glass to working out a beautiful colour scheme or theme. I love the chance to talk to like minded people about any creative project they might have and which I might be able to encourage or give practical advice. It is a joy to realise as well as visualise a client's projected dreams. I have worked privately with individual clients and along side designers. With that in mind, please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to learn about new ideas. I have sold work internationally and currently live on Anna Maria Island in Florida.Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Annabel